Mold Removal Service in Newtown

Since opening our doors almost 40 years ago, Homeguard Environmental Services has been considered a renowned name in the Newtown area. Utilizing forward-thinking, inventive, custom solutions, our locally operated and locally owned mold removal company works hard to enhance your daily life and shield you from the harmful effects of mold, lead, and asbestos. Our fully bonded, licensed, and insured company is here to assist you, whether you require a specific strategy for employee protection or a comprehensive plan to keep your house safe. Each motivated and hardworking member of our team possesses vital characteristics like professionalism, extensive knowledge, and consistency. Trust that we are fully equipped to meet your needs, supported by our A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Reach out to Homeguard Environmental Services now for more information about how we can help you find peace of mind and build cleaner environments in which you can live or work comfortably and safely.

Understanding, Preventing, and Eliminating Mold

Why and how does mold form?

Where mold is present, a few key features also exist – moisture, nutrients, and a favorable environment that encourage its growth and viability. When you do simple, everyday household tasks like cook, use the bathroom, or use your stove, fireplace, or water heater, you could be unknowingly contributing to the very moisture source that is causing your mold problem. Normal household surfaces like gypsum wallboard paper, engineered wood, cardboard, and wood can be a breeding ground for mold. If you’ve noticed one or more signs of mold in your house, some type of food source is keeping it alive.

How is mold identified?

Mold, often known as mildew, can grow in unexpected areas such as drywall, carpet, wallpaper, insulation, paint, carpet, dust, and upholstery. With its tenacious and relentless development, mold has the ability to permeate porous materials, which highlights the crucial need for a meticulous evaluation by our mold inspection experts. “Mold” is a blanket term for a diverse collection of fungal species, and each variety must be meticulously identified for successful remediation.

Don’t be fooled by the lack of an unpleasant stench or dark spots – our mold removal company in Newtown warns that mold can thrive in unexpected locations, so a thorough inspection is still essential. Our thorough mold testing will encompass numerous crucial stages due to the elusive nature of mold, which can easily conceal itself behind walls or in inconspicuous areas. Routine inspections are preferred by wise homeowners since early discovery of mold not only prevents financial issues, but also protects against potential health risks.

What steps can I take to prevent mold growth?

Taking a proactive approach is the best way to avoid mold development. We recommend…

…calling Homeguard Environmental Services at the first sign of mold.

…using a dehumidifier in any damp area, like bathrooms or basements.

…fully cleaning and rapidly drying any damp or wet spots within 48 hours.

…routine inspections by our mold specialists.

…repairing water leaks as soon as they’re discovered.

…maintaining good air circulation by employing exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms.

…maintaining a clean business or home, never overlooking the air ducts.

…controlling your indoor humidity levels, keeping numbers under 60%.

How can mold be safely and thoroughly removed?

If you find mold or suspect a mold problem in your workplace or home, it is critical that you don’t attempt to treat it on your own. This can exacerbate the condition, encourage mold to spread to other areas, and increase the risk of health complications. Instead, follow these steps:

Contact Homeguard Environmental Services for emergency mold removal.

Contact Homeguard Environmental Services promptly upon detecting any signs of mold to ensure a rapid and thorough response.

Identify the source(s) of the mold infestation.

Our mold abatement service in Newtown, equipped with skilled experts, is prepared to start immediately, beginning with a comprehensive inspection to identify the source of the issue.

Implement containment measures.

Because it is critical to contain mold spores and prevent them from spreading, our mold abatement process continues with forming physical boundaries and using cutting-edge containment technology to fully and safely isolate the impacted area.

Leverage air filtration methods.

We’ll use a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration system, which captures and traps mold spores from your indoor air. This step is a very important part of your mold removal service, as it’s always our foremost goal to make your indoor space safer and cleaner.

Remove and clean up affected materials.

The dedicated team at Homeguard Environmental Services will meticulously remove and dispose of any materials contaminated with mold by employing industry-approved techniques and adhering to stringent safety measures. We’ll proceed by meticulously cleaning and sanitizing every inch of your space.

Reconstruct, repair, and restore.

After we’ve removed all mold-affected items, our exceptional team will expertly repair and restore your area to its pre-contamination appearance.

What health implications are associated with mold?

Mold is generally categorized as allergenic, pathogenic, or toxigenic. Allergenic mold, though not toxic, can provoke allergic reactions. Pathogenic mold has the potential to lead to systemic illness, infections, or respiratory issues. Toxigenic molds are the most alarming category due to their production of mycotoxins, which can lead to health issues and even fatalities. To avoid further exposure to hazardous mold, it is critical that you consult with our professionals about our full mold removal services – which include black mold removal.

What are the most common types of mold?

A wide variety of mold species can grow indoors. Our crew will be able to implement suitable mold cleanup solutions after assessing the type(s) of mold in your residential or commercial property.

The most common types of indoor mold include:











What signs indicate a mold infestation?

Noticing the presence of mold in your residence or workplace requires a deep understanding of the signs that may become evident.

Give Homeguard Environmental Services a call if you see:

Unpleasant odor coming from HVAC system

Dark, often spreading and/or clustered spots on surfaces

Dark tile grout

Warped walls

Visible mold spores

Earthy, damp, or musty odors

New or worsening respiratory symptoms

Allergic reactions

Does homeowners or renters insurance cover mold remediation?

Our Newtown mold removal service is unwaveringly devoted to delivering superior mold prevention, abatement, and remediation services. Our holistic approach includes an active collaboration with your insurance company to find whether or not mold removal services are covered through your policy. Should your policy cover these services, we will guide you through the process of making the claim more straightforward. Recognizing the hardships you’re enduring, we are committed to lessening the financial burden, offering support to reduce stress, and providing top-tier Newtown mold remediation services.

For emergency mold remediation or to schedule a mold inspection, call Homeguard Environmental Services today at 203-323-8000.